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Alpha v1.0

Finished Features:

  • Full responsive theme.
  • Many components have been developed with accessibility features.
    • Skip to Main Content accessibility link in place and working.
    • Main page flow is fully tab navigable.
    • The "track" component is very feature complete in terms of accessibility implementation.
  • First version of profile pages developed.
  • Tracks can be created and uploaded.
  • Albums can be created by referencing uploaded tracks.
  • Homepage "Newest Tracks" Feed working.
  • "reCaptcha" on prominent forms.
  • "Random Artist", "Random Album", and "Random Track" buttons working properly even when caching is enabled.
  • "Action menu" shows Log In and Join when not logged in... but when logged in shows actions users can take to create content and edit their configuration.
  • Commenting on profiles and tracks works properly.

Known bugs:

  • Some usernames can cause system errors due to special characters.
  • On profile pages, if a user only has created one album, the carousel UI still shows.
  • Some comment forms on mobile overflow off the screen (but they do not blow the pages out, they just get chopped).
  • On profile pages there is a small bug where albums output the username.

Things to still improve:

  • SEO (has not yet been researched)
  • Accessibility of back-end forms and login/registration form.
  • Styling of comments on profiles/albums/tracks

Things to review:

  • Implementation of ARIA attributes and section tags.